Harry W. Gibson

  • Professor of Chemistry
  • Email: hwgibson@vt.edu
  • Office: 2105 Hahn Hall
  • Phone: 540-231-5902
  • FAX: 540-231-8517

Background: Professor Gibson's twenty years in industry provided him with a wide range of experience in liquid crystals, toners, conducting polymers, solvatochromic materials, membranes, and photoconductors. He was inspired to join academia by his mother's dedication to teaching of high school science and two dedicated academicians, one a mathematician and the other an educator, who led in an exemplary manner by example throghout their careeers. At Virginia Tech Gibson's research program has focused on 1) self-assembly of small and macro-molecules, 2) novel polymerization methods, 3) fullerene and endohedral metallofullerene chemistry and 4) ionic liquids and their incorporation into and interaction with polymers.


HFH Crystals

Most of Prof. Gibson's research activities are aimed at developing new design criteria for materials having tailored physical and chemical characteristics.

Current research projects include:

A cryptand-diquaternary ammonium complex showing hydrogen-bonding contacts. Strongly associated complexes such as these (the binding constant for this example is 1.9E+06) serve as a key design element in the the synthesis of non-covalent, self-assmebled macromolecules.

Recent News

  • May 2008. Prof. Gibson was a plenary lecturer at the annual meeting of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan in Yokohama. He also presented lectures at Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and Tokyo Institute of Technology.
  • January 2009. Adam Pederson successfully defended his PhD dissertation. He accepted a postdoctoral position with Prof. Mark Soucek at the University of Akron.
  • August 2009. Prof. Gibson will be an invited lecturer at the XVIII International Materials Research Congress, in Cancun, Mexico.